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Author/Publisher: Charles W. Colson

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We have watched with fear as the dark clouds of radical Islam and terrorism have gathered. Religion and Christianity seem to lack the answers today’s world needs. Or else they’re broken.
At a time when darkness and anarchy engulf our world and we’ve lost hold of the truth that prevents us from drifting away, best-selling author Charles Colson and Harold Fickett show us where we can stand. Not with man’s solutions or innovations. But with the truths of Christianity that we’ve relied on for 2000 years to give us a clear view of the world and how we’re meant to live in it.
Many doubt that God has revealed himself in a way we can understand clearly. We are divided over what Christians believe. The belief that many religions stand alongside Christianity with equal footing has weakened our ability to embrace The Faith whose founder is Christ.
Can absolute answers be found, in spite of the confusion, the ignorance, and diverse understandings of what truth is?
Addressing the anguish of our times, in which the clash of civilizations has become ever more threatening, author Colson focuses on what Christians most need to know. He takes into account the public’s skepticism of traditional religion, its drive to be spiritual without being religious, and the many voices within the church urging that believers “reinvent the brand.”
Right belief, or orthodoxy, consists in what God wants us to know so we can meet and follow him. Unless we understand what God has communicated, his invitation cannot transform us and our culture. When we embrace that belief, we find joy and create cultures that are life-giving for believers and unbelievers alike.
The Faith presents what all Christians have believed across the ages. The book ends by considering how God’s Great Story applies to our own historical circumstances and individual lives. The epic Christian themes, what God has revealed in Jesus Christ, describe our one true hope–the rock on which we can stand.
This is a book for our troubled times and for decades to come, for Christians and non-Christians alike. It is the most important book Chuck Colson has ever written: a thought-provoking, soul-searching, and powerful manifesto of the great, historical central truths of Christianity that have sustained believers through the centuries. Brought to life with vivid, true stories, here is what Christianity is really about and why it is a religion of hope, redemption, and beauty.

Paperback: 240 pages
Publisher: Zondervan Publishing House (2008)
ISBN-10: 0310276047
ISBN-13: 978-0310276043


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