That’s My Teenage Son


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Author/Publisher:Johnson, Rick

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The teen years are a vital stage for a boy as he develops into a man. But these years can also make moms feel like they have lost influence in their sons’ lives. Friends and media pull one way while Mom pulls the other. How can a mom be sure she is doing everything she can to help her son grow into a mature and responsible adult?
A follow-up to the popular “That’s My Son,” this book helps moms use their considerable influence to help their teenage boys become good men. Moms will learn about

the emotional life of their boys
what changes are taking place in their bodies
how to help them develop healthy sexuality
what boys fear most
what traits they need to learn to grow into good men
how to communicate with them
and how to positively influence their spirituality

Every mother of teen boys will find this a welcome guide and a source of encouragement during the tumultuous years when their boys are growing into men.

Publisher: Revell, 2011
ISBN 10: 0800733843
ISBN 13: 9780800733841


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