Prospering in Times of Global Financial


Item No.: 9780980630107
Author/Publisher: Thiagarajah Rajan

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This book is about how you can prosper during the global economic crisis. It is a prophetic word from God for you during such gloomy’ times. The Church is about to see a greater outpouring of God’s blessings during this time of great testing on the global financial front. Although the banks have collapsed, the Church is in a most strategic position to be richly blessed. The Lord wants to bless you not just spiritually but also financially during this time. His blessings do not stop at the spiritual level but are manifested in tangible ways in our lives. God desires to bless you and meet you at every point of your need. You are about to uncover rich secrets that can turn your financial downturn right side up. There is hope in Christ! See what God can do for you as you read this book. You will be blessed.

Original Format:Hardback
Publication City/Country:Welletton, WAAustralia
Publisher:Rajan Thiagarajah
ISBN13: 9780980630107


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